Thursday, November 18, 2010

BUSY is my new middle name...

Well, I've been asked for more blog updates, but I have to say that I have just not had any spare time to write them!  Plus, I don't have the internet at my house, so I'm limited to when I'm on campus. 

Anyways, here we go.  As the title says, my new middle name is indeed, busy.  I have written six or seven papers so far this semester, and I still have six or seven more to go!  Yikes!  

On another school note, it is shocking how many deaths, family problems, and illnesses there are when students have an exam near a holiday!  My students took an exam today or will take it next Tuesday, but at least I'm giving them candy, so hopefully that makes it a little bit better!

I am trying, however, to take time to relax!  First was Homecoming!!!  Below is a picture of the 75,000+ people at the Walkaround, a picture of one of my favorite house decs, and a video of my other favorite house dec!!!

A couple weekends ago my family went to the Oklahoma State game versus K-State in Manhattan.  What a great time!  I have to admit that since it was the morning after Halloween that I was extremely tired, but who cares!  Halloween also deserves a mention because one of my classmates and his wife hosted their 9th annual party, and it was a blast!  Here's Darby as a Jester and me as a bat on Halloween night ready to hand out candy to our many many trick or treaters!  It was so much fun to see the children all dress up!  And of course, I personally enjoyed my orange Halloween lights! 

This Saturday, I am headed to Lawrence to watch the Pokes at KU and to visit one my best friends and the absolutely cutest smartest little boy in whole world!! 

I'm ready for my family to get here for Thanksgiving!  Black Friday here we come!