Friday, September 8, 2017

Halloween Decorating Tricks For Less

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Halloween is right around the corner, and it’s time to decorate!

Without ado, here are my top four Halloween decorating tips.

1. Color

The orange and black of the season makes me so happy; ya’ll know I bleed orange, right?  Go Pokes!

Halloween can be so black and white, but I love the pops of purple and orange, especially orange, to take things to another level. 

Halloween Decor Lanterns and Pumpkins
Get your adorable glittery pumpkin here!

2. Consistency

Bats, vampires, ghosts, witches, crows, skeletons, skulls, spiders, jack-lanterns, oh my!  I tend to stick with a limited number of themes around my house.  Personally, I’m not a vampire or ghost fan, but pumpkins are definitely my jam. 

I suggest that you stick with a theme or style around your home for Halloween decorating!

More glittery pumpkins!

3. Not too spooky

Many people love the guts and gore of Halloween, but please leave it at the store for decorating your home.  Halloween décor can classy and fun without grossing everyone out or scaring the children.  I love the cutesy décor that store like Hobby Lobby and Dollar Tree stock in droves. 

Stay classy with your Halloween decorating.  No need for blood and guts, friends.

Halloween Decor

This guy is the closest I've ever come to guts and gore, and honestly, I'm still on the fence about how much I like it.  

4. Height

And finally, my favorite and most importantly, height.  Huh, height?  The biggest challenge I’ve found is that all of my Halloween decorations are fairly close to the same height.  Honestly, it just makes any display look dull and boring. 

Check it out.

Halloween Decor Tricks

And here’s the final dining room display for Halloween!  You can see that varying the height of the pieces makes a huge difference in how attractive the display is.

And a bonus! 

Halloween decorating can get expensive quick (almost as fast as Christmas decorating), but…just say no!  I made this entire display for under $20. 


I started with my own Halloween décor.  The lone witch’s shoe.  Add a trip to Dollar Tree and Goodwill, and we’re done. 

3 wall hangings @ $1/each from Dollar Tree (get your artsy skeleton here)
3 glittery LED-lit pumpkins @ $1/each from Dollar Tree (found here)
2 small lanterns @ $1/each from Dollar Tree 
2 pillar candles @ $1/each from Dollar Tree (found here)
1 witch’s hat @ $1/each from Dollar Tree
1 skull @ $1/each from Dollar Tree (found here)
1 BEWARE yard sign @ $1/each from Dollar Tree (found here)
1 shiney pumpkin @ $1/each from Dollar Tree (found here)
1 creepy cloth @ $1/each from Dollar Tree (found here)
1 candle holder @ $.50/each from Goodwill
3 orange ornaments that look suspiciiouly like pumpkins @ free from my Christmas décor
1 large black lantern @ free from my donate pile

= $15.50! 

My frugal soul loves to see that total!

And my time in Nebraska taught me that I should always have a decoration on my front door, so here we go!  I think these from Dollar Tree are super cute!  

Halloween Pumpkin Wooden Door DecorGlittery Pumpkin Halloween Door Decor Halloween Glittery Door Decor   

I’d love to hear about your decorating tips and “tricks” for Halloween!  Comment below.