Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Adventurous Eating

Growing up, I was never an adventurous eater.  Well, compared to my sister, maybe I was :-).  Now I've found that I love many types of food that I wouldn't have thought about trying only a few years ago.  I love Thai food.  I love Indian food.  I love curry.  I love calamari.  I even like mussels.

At this point, I would try almost anything.  ALMOST.  Forget trying bugs.  I will not try bugs.  A couple of weeks ago, Alex and I were at the Farmer's Market, and one of the vendors was selling farm-raised, dressed rabbit.  Yes, that's right.  I said rabbit.  Did we buy one?  Yes, of course we did.  The woman at the farmer's market stand told us that rabbit can be prepared any way that you would prepare chicken.  So, we decided to make oven roasted rabbit.  Here's a picture of the finished, plated product.

Verdict: No more rabbit.

It was not terrible, but it also was not good.  We'll see what they have at the farmer's market next time to add to our cooking repertoire.

A better experience was our sangria experiment.  After having a glass of blackberry sangria at Outback Steakhouse that tasted like pure blackberry flavoring, we decided to make our own sangria.  Strawberries, blackberries, pineapple, ugli fruit, apples, and red wine.  Yum.  It was definitely an improvement over the restaurant sangria.

In other news, my laptop screen shattered awhile back much to my dismay.  I had been plugging it into my 40 inch TV to use it, which means I had to sit about 3 feet from the TV on the floor staring up at the screen.  Not so much fun.  But... my amazing boyfriend installed a new screen, and now it works perfectly again!  Yay!