Monday, February 20, 2017

My Little Viking...the first six months

Dear Little Viking,

Mommy has pretty much failed as a mommy blogger for the past few years, so it's not surprising that I haven't posted much about you, but that doesn't mean I don't love you.  It just means that I'm being present in the lives of four wonderful children (or at least that's what I tell myself).

You were born in July on your Aunt Kelly's birthday.  It was a Saturday morning, and our doctor was supposed to go on vacation, but he put off leaving for a few hours to come in and deliver you.

You weighed 7 pounds, 2 ounces.  The smallest of our babies.  Your sister was almost a full two pounds heavier than you, and all I could think was that you were so small and perfectly proportioned, but that I couldn't remember what to do with little, tiny babies.

After waiting in recovery for what seemed like forever, we were taken to our room.  Your Daddy and I marveled at how precious you were (and still are).  Later, Grandma and Grandpa brought your brother and sisters up to see you.  They were all so excited!

Later your Grandad and Mimi came to visit and then a few weeks after that, your Aunt Kiley came all the way from Las Vegas to meet you!

Once we got home, Mommy was blessed to get to teach online and stay home with you for your first six months.  Each day, week, and month you've grown and grown and grown.

You went from being our smallest baby with super skinny legs, to our only baby with super chunky thighs.

You started out as the fussiest baby, but you've grown into a very happy little boy.


You are our only baby with blue eyes instead of brown.  At first, I thought your eyes were going to be dark, but it became apparent very quickly that you have blue eyes like Mommy.  Daddy says that they look like a calm ocean on a cloudy day.  He's right.

You love to eat, and started eating baby food on Christmas.  You love bananas, oatmeal, sweet potatoes...well almost everything you've tried.

You learned to smile around seven weeks, and you've been smiling ever since.  Except when you're hungry, or tired, or fussy.

You started out with very little hair, but you've grown some curly wisps of light hair.

You have developed a habit of getting angry when you get tired.  It's okay, though.  I understand.

In January (just like your big brother and sister), your first tooth broke through and the second one is right behind it.

You mastered sitting up a few weeks after your first tooth starting coming in.  That means you sat up first (at the youngest age) of all of your siblings.

Rolling over?  Well, you can do it, but you usually don't unless there's a special reason to, like seeing what your siblings are up to.

You are really close to sleeping through the night.  You actually slept all the way through the night for a few nights in a row, but then you got sick.  :(

Mommy loves you, Little Viking.