Monday, December 7, 2015

Dear Mermaid Princess, {6 Months}

Dear Mermaid Princess,

Wow!  A half of a year.  You are growing so fast.  Where has the time gone?  I can't believe you are 6 months old already!

Weight:  20.2 pounds.  Yep, you are a chunk.  The cutest little chunk I have ever seen!

Health:  You are very happy and healthy.  No complaints here.

Sleep:  You're still waking up randomly at around 4am about every 3 or 4 nights, but otherwise you are a great sleeper.  Mommy and Daddy are so blessed. 

Social:   You are starting to interact more at daycare.  Your big brother reports that you like to play blocks with him, and Nanny and Love say that you are always happy and cuddly.  

Diet:  You are eating food everyday at lunchtime and irregularly for dinner.  I swear it's like trying to feed Fort Knox.  Every bite, you close your mouth or get your tongue in the way.  You like food, but you're just not quite understanding the eating part yet.  Mommy is going to make some big batches of baby food this next week -- carrots, broccoli, spinach...yummy!

Likes:   You love chewing on everything.  I think you're going to be cutting a tooth anytime!  And you are starting to show a preference for Mommy every once in a while, but you love seeing any of your family members -- Daddy, Mommy, Brother, ChooChoo.    

Dislikes:  Dropping your toys, being hungry, not being part of the action.  

Nicknames: Princess and Peanut (Daddy), Pumpkin (Mommy), Baby Girl (Big brother), Tootsie (ChooChoo)

Milestones:  First Thanksgiving!  It was both your Thanksgiving and our first Thanksgiving away from family.  This year we were blessed to be invited to have Thanksgiving dinner with some friends here in South Carolina.  You were cute and happy the whole time.

Adventures:  Grocery shopping with Mommy and Big Brother is always an adventure.  Your brother loves the carts that look like cars and having steering wheels, but we discovered that your car seat will not fit in the basket of those carts.  And learned it a little too late, so you got to ride like a big kid in the grocery cart for the first time.  You had such a fun time with your brother!

You are also rolling around like a pro.  Whenever you see something across the room that you want, you will just roll yourself around until you get to it.



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