Monday, May 29, 2017

Mermaid Princess

Dear Mermaid Princess,

My goodness, darling, you will be two in just five days.  The time has flown by, my little love.

When you were about nine months old, you decided that you were a big girl.  I remember looking at you one day and thinking that it was a just a week or so ago that you were a baby, and suddenly, I was looking at a big girl.

You have been a big girl ever since.

You are fiercely independent and yet, sometimes you will just come over to Mommy or Daddy and cuddle.  Sometimes, you want to hold my hand, even if it's just to walk down the hallway to the kitchen.

When you were 18 months old, you literally picked up the little potty and brought it to me, saying "potty, potty,"  And since then, you have been potty training yourself.  Did I say you were a big girl?

At two, you speak in full sentences and have the vocabulary of most three year olds.

You love to sing made up songs and dance to your own songs.

You love to play cars and blocks and anything your big brother plays.

You love to play with your babydolls, feeding them and putting them to bed.