Wednesday, August 20, 2014

8 Unique Chore Charts & Chore Systems

Baby Prez isn't old enough for chores yet, but at 11 years old, Miss Coco is!  Of course, I turned to Pinterest to find some inspiration on organizing and setting up a system.  Here are my favorite options so far.

Chore Jar from Whatever Dee Dee Wants

This seems like a really simple and fun way to organize chores, especially for multiple children.

Mom, Too Chart from Alaboard

This chevron inspired system is for sale at for $20, but honestly I just like this as an example that chore charts can include Mom (and Dad).

Button System from She's Crafty

This system incorporates monthly allowance, tithing, bonus opportunities, and competition!  I've also seen a version of this from the Winthrop Chronicles with buttons and mason jars.

Chore Cards from Madsen's Memories

These chore cards are great!  No miscommunication about what needs to be done!  Now I just need a laminator and cardstock!

Daily Job Zones from The Creative Homemaker

What a perfect way to make sure all of the tasks in each room are completed.

Free Printable Chore Chart from The Gilded Pear

My favorite thing about this chart is that it incorporates a penalty for bad behavior.

DIY Magnetic Chore Charts from A Spotted Pony

I love the Magnetic Chore Charts from Abbie's House.  They are cute, but I'm not in the market to buy a system.  Love the magnets, though!  So easy for kids to move the magnets from To Do to Done.  

And you could easily do a DIY version with inexpensive cookie sheets and chalkboard paint from the dollar store like in the photo above!

Coloring Book Chore Chart from And We Play

And I honestly can't wait to start using this adorable coloring book chart with my little one!  Seriously, what could be cuter?

Check out more chore charts and other kiddo organization ideas on Pinterest!

Coming soon...a giant list of free printable chore charts!  If you have one on your blog, please submit it in the comments below!  I'd love to include as many as possible!

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