I don't have time to be an extreme couponer like you see on TV, but I do follow some awesome blogs that are excellent resources for couponing.

Couponing apps are also a favorite at my house!  It makes it so easy to save money!

My favorite couponing apps are:

Receipt Hog

My top blog picks are:

The main use of this blog, for me, is for CVS and Walgreens deals.  All the deals for these two stores are posted, but what I love most are the deal scenarios posted on this blog.  I can copy them straight onto my shopping list and know exactly how much I will pay (or not pay).  I don't even have to do the math for some of my transactions!

I use the KCL blog for deals at Target, Walgreens, CVS and even Walmart!  There are some deal scenarios posted here, and at times, the KCL blog has different deal scenarios than the Cents'able Shoppin blog, so I like to check out both.  The other feature of this blog is that the deals considered "stock-up" opportunities are clearly notated and easy to find.  I don't have regular prices memorized, so this blog gives me a better idea of what is truly a good deal and when I should try to pick up a few extra.

As a future mom, I love this blog, but even if I wasn't expecting, I would love this blog.  Not only is this a great source for deals, especially mom-related deals (diapers, wipes, toys, etc.), the blog also makes for a great read.  I'm currently participating in a month-long house cleaning challenge associated with this blog, and it's definitely motivating when I read the daily posts about the blogger's own results for each task.

Notes: This post contains some affiliate links, but I am not affiliated with any of these blogs listed above, I just read them and love them.  And, thanks to the blogs for the use of their logos!

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