Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pomp & Circumstance

It's about that time. 3 days. Graduation.

The end of a chapter of life.

It's a time for celebration. It's a time for contemplation. It's a time for change.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Alamo in Photos

Future Residence Confirmed...Woot woot!

Have you tried to find a new apartment recently? Let's just say that the market is tight. The housing market is awful; no one wants to buy a house, so everyone wants to rent. I looked at several apartment complexes in my future city and each had absolutely no idea if they would have apartments available. So I waited. The place I liked the best had the most ridiculous system for renting apartments out - everyone who is interested goes on a list. When an apartment becomes available everyone on the list is called and whoever gets to the office with a completed application first, gets the apartment. Are they serious? Apparently.

I was lucky. I stopped by when I was in town right before spring break and they had just gotten notice that two apartments would be available. The call back was going to happen the next Monday, but since I was there, I got to pick my apartment! Yay!

So, step two. Furniture. I would absolutely love to buy new furniture for the apartment. However, I think that seems a little ridiculous at this point. Thankfully, my family rocks. My granddad is donating a couch. Not beautiful, but better than I have. Hide-a-bed too. My grandma is donating an antique walnut dining table that I am super excited about! No chairs though, so I will buy new chairs, which is really exciting too. What I really need to do though is get to a furniture store quick so that I can actually see if the chairs are comfy or not. My mom and I are going to finish a corner cabinet for the dining room as well, which will be gorgeous! Beds, check. Dresser, check. Desk, check. Entertainment center, check. I'll wait and see what else I need when I get there! But I know it will be great. I'm so excited!