Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Top Gifts for Boys - 6-7 Year Old Version

If you've been following me for long, you might know that three of my five children have summer birthdays, so it's all hands on deck for parties and gifts in the summer months.  My oldest, Little Prez, just celebrated his sixth birthday, so I wanted to share my Top 5 Gift Ideas for 6 Year Old Boys!

1.  LEGOs

LEGOs are always a go-to gift in our house.  Starting around 4 1/2, my son started to love LEGOs.  At the time, I loved them because they helped my son work on his fine motor skills.  At six, he has become a "LEGO Artist" as he says.  LEGO are a fantastic way to encourage creativity and basic engineering skills.  Plus, there are SO many great LEGO sets!  LEGO Ninjago and LEGO superheroes are a good bet at this age!  My favorites for this age are the LEGO Ninjago Master Falls set and LEGO Avengers Quinjet.  I have been surprised at the focus that my son has when putting LEGO sets together, so he's definitely ready for these bigger sets.

Lego Ninjago Master Falls 

LEGO Marvel Avengers Quinjet

There are now some off-brand brick versions as well as Mega Construx, which all fit together.  We particularly like the Pokemon ones.  My six year old son loves Pokemon so much right now, and you can get stationary Pokemon figures, but I like that he has to build these.  He has even added to some of them so that they have an evolved form.  (Don't ask me what that means; I have no idea.)  Here are two of the ones I liked for his birthday -- Pokemon Multipack and Pokemon Charizard.

Pokemon Multipack

Pokemon Charizard

My son also loves these giant brick plates that have allowed his creations to get significantly bigger.  He also uses them to display his smaller creations.

2.  Robots

My son received this robot kit and LOVED it.  It was a great project for him to put together with dad and he loves the interactive nature of the robot.  He pretty much takes it everywhere to show off.  

Kiko 893 Robot Kit from Amazon.com

3.  Pokemon TCG

We also love the Pokemon Trading Card Game at my house.  My 6 year old is always trying to earn money to buy more Pokemon cards, so they make a great, but inexpensive gift! 

These multipacks make great gifts.  Charizard is a favorite at our house, and my son would be thrilled to get this one as a gift!  

My son is always asking for these collector's tins as well.  There are so many options, but all of my kids really like the Alola Islands Pokemon, so this would be our top pick.  (We've seen these at Aldi before for under $20, but didn't know it was a such a great deal at the time.  I'll definitely be watching for them again.)

And of course, if you know a six year old Pokemon fan, you might consider a Pokemon card holder like this small case or a binder style like this one.  

As you can guess, my son loves Pokemon.  I think he's just at the beginning stages of Pokemon.  The game itself is a little too advanced for him, but in another six months to a year, I think he'll have caught on!