Thursday, May 1, 2014

Baby Prez: 10 Months

Dear Baby Prez,

Mommy has gotten way behind on your updates, but don't worry!  I've been paying lots of attention to my little man and has been enjoying every moment with you.


At ten months, you had one of your most proud moments - you drank out of a straw!  Oh my man man, you were quite proud of yourself.  Gramma, Grandpa, and Aunt Kiley came to visit, and while we were out to eat, Aunt Kiley asked if you could have a drink of her water.  Mommy laughed and told her that she could try, but it wouldn't work.  Mommy was wrong.  You did it right away!  You figured it out!  And you were so excited and surprised when the water reached your mouth.

Now that you have teeth, we have to brush them every night.  You didn't really understand what was going on the first time, but you were such a good boy and let Daddy brush those two little teeth for you!  It didn't take long though, until you wanted to do the brushing all by yourself.

Weight:  At your last checkup (9 months), you weighed 

Health:  Very health boy!

Sleep:  You've been sleeping through the night for months, and Mommy is still so very happy that you do.



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