Tuesday, September 28, 2010


It's been a strange day for me today.  Overwhelmed with so many different feelings.  This morning, I was taking role for a lecture section, and Koch people were there to talk about Koch and the internship program.  I felt so strange to be there, but not as a Koch employee.  I had to resist the urge to jump in and add facts or answer questions!  For a few minutes, I desperately missed Koch, the people there, my job, recruiting, my boss, my interns...even my cubicle.  Because I did not come back to school because I hated my job; I loved my job.  I came back to school because I was and am certain that I did not want to work in a corporate job forever.  But I sure do miss it sometimes.

Later I went to lunch with some of the other grad students in the department, my colleagues if you will.  I love the people here too.  And during lunch I was overwhelmed with feelings of belonging and humility, I guess.  Let me explain.  I was describing a project that is due for one of my classes on Thursday.  (In fact, I should be working on it instead of writing this post, but alas, I'm not.)  The criteria for the project are ambiguous at best.  My professor mentioned on Friday that he would like me to write about interviewing and had I heard from a different professor in Wyoming with interviewing information.  No, I have not!  I emailed her to ask about it and to see if perhaps my professor had talked with her already.  But it seems unlikely that I will get a response back from her in time to complete the paper.  So, I can instead work on a project about commercials aimed at adults vs. children.  I'm sure that I can complete a 5 page paper by Thursday with this topic, but I'm concerned that my professor will be expecting the other topic.  So I was telling my colleagues about this...complaining is probably more like it, and what do you know, one of them chimes in that he has a couple of books about/that have chapters about interviewing!  I'm so blessed to have such amazing people as colleagues here!

Wowsers.  Confusing day.  And now it is time to go give my students their 1st exam.  Good luck to them!


  1. Oh man....that would be tough having Koch come there. What classes are you teaching exactly?

  2. The great thing is that after you complete you PhD, you can choose academe or corporate! So glad you are making such good friends.