Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekly Goals {Week of September 15th}

Last Week’s 7 Goals

  1. Plan weekly menu based on grocery store deals.               (Weekly budget = $80)  -- I'll even be able to recycle 1 meal for this week!
  2. Plan lunches to send to school with Miss Coco for the next 2 weeks.  -- Just didn't get this one done.
  3. Grocery shop before Thursday.
  4. Do one load of laundry per day.
  5. Create chore chart for Miss Coco. -- Oops!
  6. Write 5+ pages for my breadth review.  -- Barely, but 5 pages are done!
  7. Finish 2 blog posts.

This week, I want to really focus on making progress on my paper for school.  So, I'm cutting my list from ten goals to seven goals.  

This Week’s 10 Goals

  1. Write 5+ pages for my breadth review. 
  2. Finish 2 blog posts.
  3. Do something special for Mr. Harvey.
  4. Plan weekly menu + school lunches based on grocery store deals.               (Weekly budget = $80)
  5. Grocery shop before Thursday.
  6. Organize coupons from recycle bin diving last week.
  7. Catch up on laundry from our weekend trip; then do one load per day.
  8. Create chore chart for Miss Coco.
  9. Organize buffet counter.
  10. Sort 3 basement boxes.

Have a fantastic week!

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