Friday, June 22, 2018

Five on Friday

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Hello Friday!

It's that time of the week to share five anythings.

1. Twin Update

We have officially hit 24 weeks today!  The twins are doing great and moving around A LOT.  Bump update coming soon!

Harvey Ever After - Twin Baby Bump
Get this Jessica Simpson Maternity Top HERE
And that super cute apron HERE

2. Song of the South Farm

My hubby's market garden/mini farm means lots of farm fresh veggies on our meal plans for the rest of the summer.  Yay!  They are so much tastier than store bought veggies.  Sorry, Aldi.  I still love you.

3. Maternity Clothes

I'm loving my new maternity clothes.  It's so hard to feel cute and super twino preggo all at the same time, but I'm so thankful for my wonderful husband who took my shopping last week.

My current favorite maternity shirt is this Teal A-Line Sleeveless Top.  It's super cute and comfortable.  I'm crossing my fingers that it gets me through the rest of the pregnancy since it's not a stretchy fabric.  Even if not, it may make a great post-partum piece.

4. Twin Boy Nursery Themes

My mom makes the most wonderful quilts for all of my babies, plus all of her friends' babes as well, and she's been asking me about themes for the babies.

Well, I wanted to do a different theme for each of the boys.  It must be hard enough to be an identical twin, so I want to encourage them to be their own unique souls from the start.  But, I also wanted to have something that's somewhat unifying as I decorate their nursery room.

And this week, my five year old helped me decide on themes for the boys.  We considered dinosaurs, robots, and superheroes, but decided on...


One of the twins will have space exploration for his theme, and one of the twins will have earth exploration for his theme.

  Map, Explorer, Travel, Vintage, Nautical, Background  

Now it's time to get nesting and shopping for these little guys.  I'm hoping to post some inspirations and progress on their themes and room in the next few weeks!

5.  __________________

I have nothing for five.  I'm blaming it on pregnancy brain.

Image result for pregnancy brain
Source: The Bump

Have a wonderful weekend, ya'll!

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