Monday, September 16, 2013

What Once Was Lost: Book Review

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to read What Once Was Lost before its release.  As a Kim Vogel Sawyer fan, I was excited to read another of her historical fiction books.  I'm a sucker for historical fiction in general, but Sawyer really goes above and beyond.  In What Once Was Lost, I was not disappointed.  Sawyer's attention to detail allows me as the reader to feel as if I understood what it would be like to live in times past.  

Not only is the historical accuracy there, but there is something unique about Sawyer historical fiction as compared to other historical fiction authors I have read.  Sawyer present a setting or event with which I was, as I would expect most readers would be, unfamiliar.  In My Heart Remembers it was the orphan train; in A Promise for Spring it was a sheep ranch; and in What Once Was Lost it is a poor farm.  

The characters in What Once Was Lost are captivating, especially Tommy, a blind child from the poor farm who must live with a rather stubborn loner after the poor farm is destroyed by fire.  Sawyer drew me in immediately through Tommy's character.  He is a lovable character who the reader can find an emotional connection with and who the reader will want to know more about and follow his story, hoping for a happy ending for Tommy.  The characters of Christina and Levi are also compelling; Sawyer develops the characters in such a way that causes the reader to want to keep reading.  

Not only has Sawyer created compelling characters, she has also developed a plot line that draws the reader in, wanting more.  What can be done after the poor farm is burned to the ground?  What caused the fire?  Where will the residents of the poor farm live?  Will the poor farm be rebuilt?  Where will the money to rebuild come from?  What will happen to Tommy, Christina, and Levi?  How will the Lord work in their lives?

In What Once Was Lost, Kim Vogel Sawyer delivers once again.  I would highly recommend this book as a great read for historical fiction fans and Christian romance fans.  

Available September 17th

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