Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Baby Prez: 13 Weeks

Dear Baby Prez,

This was a big week for you, and you were the star of the show!  

Weight:    Around 12 pounds.

Health:  You are growing like a weed and seem to be a healthy little guy.

Sleep:  You're still waking up about once each night and then early early in the morning.  Mommy has a hard time deciding whether it's worth it to go back to sleep after your early early morning meal.

Social:  This week you were a social butterfly at your Meet Me Party, and you were happy to get lots of attention from friends and family.

Diet:  You are primarily drinking breastmilk, but you are eating about one meal of homemade baby food each day.  

This weekend your Aunt Kiley was in town along with the rest of the family, so she helped us pick out a new food for you to try.  Broccoli!  It was your first "green" vegetable, so you weren't quite sure about the first bite, but once you ate the second bite, you were sold on it.  

On Sunday, your Daddy threw some leftover roast beef in the blender with some brocolli babyfood and made beef & brocolli babyfood.  Again, you weren't sure about the first bite, but you decided that you like it.

Likes:   Attention.

New tummy time pillow.  Mimi and Grandad gave you a tummy time pillow for your baptism, and you had a great time showing off your head control to everyone.

Milestones:  This week we hit some quite important milestones!

First Happy Hour.  No, this is not a very important milestone, but it is a first nonetheless!  Every Friday, we go to Happy Hour with Mommy's department, so many of them had the opportunity to meet you.  You also meet another baby!  Baby Friend is one and a half, so he was quite interested in seeing another "baby".  

The big milestone this week was your Baptism.  On Sunday morning, we dressed you up in an adorable and perfect outfit made by your Mimi, and in front of our family, friends, and church family you were promised to God.  You slept through all of Pastor Jason's speech, all of the promises made by Mommy and Daddy, and through the blessing of another baby.  When it was your turn to be christened by Pastor Jason, you barely woke up when he sprinkled water from the baptismal fount on your head.  You did wake up for the sermon though, and you paid close attention to the message.  

We were blessed to have family travel to witness your baptism.  Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Kiley, Great Aunt Connie, and Great Uncle Gary came from Oklahoma.  Your great-grandparents, Great Aunt Mary, Great Uncle Mike, and cousins Madelyn and Molly came from Kansas.  And Grandad and Mimi came from Omaha.  

Party time!  After your baptism, we had a Meet Me party for you.  All of our family stayed and some of Mommy and Daddy's friends stopped by.  You were so well behaved and charmed everyone!



Missed a week?  Watch my Little Prez grow!

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