Friday, April 18, 2014

Saved over $325 at My Favorite Garage Sale

34 items.

Estimated new cost = $344

Garage sale price = $31.75

Paid = $18.75

I was so excited to find out that my favorite garage sale is this weekend.  About 5 families get together and have a garage sale each spring and fall, and this is the third or fourth sale I've been to, and I've never been disappointed.  It's perfect for me because they always have tons of baby and kid clothes.  At least a few of the families must have boys just a bit older than Baby Prez.  They have great prices, but the families have different pricing schemes.  Last spring, I found two similar pairs of pajamas - one was 25 cents and the other was $2.  Guess which one I bought!

The best part is that the last day is half price day.  So my strategy is to go early and find everything I want.  Then I pare down to the stuff I really want that is already priced at what I'm willing to pay.  Everything that's left is put back until half price day.  Then I go back and pick up everything that I wanted that's left.  There have only been a few items that wish I had purchased that someone else bought before half price day.

Today was half price day, so I've been twice and might go back a third time to haggle this afternoon!  I bought a few things that Baby Prez just had to have even though they will fit now, but I try to buy ahead!  So this time, I bought up to 3T even though Baby Prez is only 10 months old.

Day 1

1 Outfit $0.50
2 Onsie/Shirt $1.50
1 Romper $1.00
2 Pairs of Pajamas $0.75
1 Sippy cup $0.75
2 Canning Jars $0.50
1 Outdoor Swing $5.00

Total = $10, PAID $8

Day 2

3 Pair of Pajamas $2.00
13 Onsies/Shirts $7.75
1 Outfit $2.00
1 Dress Shirt $4.00
1 Swimming Trunks $0.50
1 Swimming Floater $2.00
2 Snack Containers $2.00
1 Care Bear Stuffed Animal $1.00
1 Baseball Cap $0.50

Total = $21.75, 1/2 Price Day = $10.87, PAID $10.75

So, in total I paid $18.75 for 34 items, which is an average of 93 cents per item!  

And the swing alone would be about $30 if bought it new!  I estimated that I saved over $325 compared to buying all of these items new!

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