Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Air Travel Tips for Pumping Moms: Part 3

Welcome back to Air Travel Tips for Pumping Moms!  This is Part 3 of a three part series on how to travel as a breastfeeding or pumping mom while traveling via flight.  Check out the Part 1 on going through security with your breast pump and breast milk and Part 2 on where and when to pump while flying.

There are so many gadgets and accessories that make life more convenient these days.  Here are my recommendations for gadgets that will make pumping while traveling easier and less of a hassle.

1. Battery Operated Breast Pump

If you often travel as a pumping mom, I would highly recommend investing in a battery operated breast pump.  Even if it's a relatively inexpensive one that you just use when you travel, it would be worth it to not need an outlet every time you pump.  This one from The First Years is just $72.

Travel Breast Pump

2. Nursing Covers

A blanket would work too, but I love these options for covering up while pumping.

Nursing Cover for Pumping while Traveling
Bizzy Bee: $42.49 at Amazon.com

Nursing Cover for Pumping while Traveling
Abbie Grace Infinity Nursing Scarf: $24.99 at Amazon.com

Nursing Cover for Pumping while Traveling
Find the directions for this DIY version here.

3. Freemie flanges

These flanges are compatible with most Medela pumps along with a few others, and they would be perfect for pumping on the airplane because they slip under your bra so that you can pump discretely.  You can find them on Amazon.com for $49.95.  They are a bit spendy if you ask me, but they are definitely on my wish list.  

4. Pumping bras

There are so many options out there for pumping bras, and I think this is must for when traveling.  You can go for the traditional pumping bra, a bustier version, and even a racerback version, but personally, I'm a fan of this pumping tank from Rumina Nursingwear.  Or a tutorial for a DIY pumping tank is available here

Rumina Nursingwear: $48.00 at Amazon.com

What other gadgets have made your life easier as a pumping mom?

Don't forget to check out the rest of this series on Air Travel Tips for Pumping Moms.

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