Saturday, October 4, 2014

Baby Prez - 15 Months

Dear Baby President,

It is just amazing how fast time flies.  You are now 15 months old, which means that this is the beginning of the second fall that you've been alive. 

Stats: big boy

Health: This past month you had a fever and were sick and miserable for a few days, which was no fun for anyone.  You also had your first big tumble and bonk in the head, though I'm pretty sure it won't be the only one.  Otherwise, you've been healthy!

Social:  You got to see all of your grandparents this month, plus your Aunt Kiley!  You spent the weekend with Mimi and Grandad earlier in the month.  And then Aunt Kiley, Gramma, and Grandpa came to visit for Labor Day weekend.  You got to stay up late playing with their puppies.  Gundy even let you hug him!!  

You're still playing nice with the other kids at daycare, and you even hug your friend, Nora.  Same thing at church.  You are such a good little boy. 



You just love music. You've been dancing for months, but you're adding new moves all the time!  At Mimi's house, you like to play the grand piano, and you e even learned how to turn it on by yourself.  At home, you have your pick from two keyboards, a guitar toy, a xylophone, and several hand drums. You love them all!  

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