Friday, February 5, 2016

Home Decor FAIL!

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Do you remember last Friday's Five on Friday post when I was so motivated and excited to get everything finished in my house?  

And I was thrilled to save $1,400 on an area rug for our living room?

Well one of those things was to finally switch out tablecloths from a Christmas-y one to a neutral one.  (We absolutely have to keep a tablecloth on at all times because kids are hard on furniture, especially an unsealed beautiful wood table.)  

I had considered a couple of different options, but I found a tablecloth on Christmas clearance for 75% off, so I bought it.  

The cool thing about it is that it is a "chalkboard" tablecloth, so the kids or I could draw on it.  

The bad thing about it is that it is vinyl.  I hate vinyl, but it's something I thought maybe I should just accept as a mom of small, messy children.  

I also found these great Yum and Eat placemats at Target last fall and have been waiting to use them!  They are also plastic-y and easy to wipe off.  

Room Essentials® Placemat Polypro YUMRoom Essentials® Placemat Polypro EAT
Cute, right?


The result: FAILURE

My vinyl "trash bag" tablecloth
I see a trash bag.  What do you see?

It's just awful.  

It looks like a trash bag on my table.  No thank you.

I still like the placemats though.  I think.  

Any ideas on what kind/color of tablecloth to use with them?

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