Monday, January 29, 2018

Themed Meal Plan Experiment

Our Weekly Meal Plan (Whole30, Paleo)

We are trying something new at the Harvey household -- Themed Nights for dinner.  I know plenty of people who do this, but I've never really gotten in to it, but Alexander the Great suggested it, and I think he's onto something.  I'm hoping it may cut down on the time it takes to meal plan.  Why it takes so much time for me, I have no idea.  I sit down with a blank paper/screen and nothing.  Nothing comes to me even though I've been meal planning for years now.  So, here we go!

Meatless Monday - 

Dinner:  Buddha Bowls

Taco Tuesday 

Dinner:  Beef and Bean Tacos with Homemade Spinach Soft Taco Shells

Witalian Wednesday 

Dinner:  Italian Drunken Noodles with Homemade Pasta (hopefully)

Fish Fursday 

Dinner:  Japanese Style Dinner -- White fish, black beans, wild rice, stir-fried veggies

Pizza Friday -

Dinner:  Homemade Pizza

Saturday Scramble - Lunch:  Leftovers

Dinner:  Saturday Scramble (i.e. make something with the leftovers)

Sunday Roastday - Lunch:  Salad and Smoothies

Dinner:  Pork roast with mashed cauliflower and sauteed green beans

Have a great week!

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