Monday, August 2, 2010

Home in Progress

My parents and I went to Lincoln this past weekend to move the rest of my belongings into my new house.  Finally out of the storage unit!  After about 2 and a half days, we made a lot of progress!  My dad was Mr. Handyman; he hung curtains, fixed some leaks in the shower, painted the inside of the medicine/linen cabinet, caulked the bathtub, etc.  My mom and I spent a very long time recovering the kitchen and bathroom shelves with contact paper because some previous tenants wrapped contact paper around about 2 inches on the bottom of the shelves, which looked tacky and was pretty icky.  They look amazing and fresh now! 

Then we worked on getting the kitchen organized.  I have quite a bit of kitchen "stuff" and there is not much cabinet space, so it was a challenge to figure out where to put everything.  Thankfully, the laundry room has an extra cabinet that I am going to use as a pantry.  One of our challenges was where to put the silverware tray.  The only drawer big enough for the tray is in the rolling island cart, but it still isn't big enough to expand the tray to fit all of my silverware.  So, I finally decided to set the tray on top of the microwave.  That's my best solution at the moment, but maybe I'll be able to figure something more effective out!  I have a lot of unpacking clothes and decorations when I go back in a few weeks, but I'm we made SO much progress that it's not looking as daunting as when we first arrived on Friday!  

Now, here are a few pictures of my home in progress!

And Darby!!!!

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  1. Aww your new house seems so cozy. I love the picture of Darby!