Sunday, June 23, 2013

Baby Prez: 2 Weeks

Dear Baby Prez, 

This week you turned 2 weeks old!  And our lives have definitely been changed forever.  Not that they weren't already, but now that Daddy and I have started to figure out the routine for the three of us, it has become abundantly clear!

Weight:  We will find out your official weight next Monday at your official two-week doctor's appointment, but you are growing out of your newborn sized pajamas, so you are definitely growing.

Health:  You have a fantastic appetite and look wonderful and healthy.  Mommy, on the other hand, spiked a fever twice and had to start antibiotics just in case!

Sleep:  This week your favorite time to sleep was during feeding time with mommy.  You have developed a tendency to fall asleep while eating.  And I mean you are totally zonked out!  Even when I burp you, you stay asleep.  You love sleeping in Mommy's arms instead of your crib at night.  In fact, you appear to hate your crib right now.

Social:  You got to go on an outing with Daddy to Mimi's house where you met your cousin.  She thinks you are just adorable and even got to feed you part of a bottle.

Diet:  Breastmilk and a teeny tiny bit of formula.  This week you ate like such a champ that we had to supplement mommy's milk with some formula a few times to fill your belly!  You are definitely a hungry, hungry little man.

Likes:  Sleeping in mommy's arms or on daddy's chest.

Dislikes:  You still aren't a fan of diaper changes, but you are getting accustomed to it.  You also hate waiting to eat.  You go from happy to starving in about 30 seconds flat.

Firsts:  Bottle.  Mommy and Daddy supplemented your nursing this week with a bottle a couple of times.  It definitely saved our sanity and filled your tummy when you were still hungry.  Trip.  When Mommy was feeling sick with her fever, you went on your first little trip about 45 minutes from home to Mimi's house.  Mommy was rather emotional to have you away from her, but got some much needed rest.  Projectile spit up.  One of your sleep deprived parents didn't get you burped well enough, and when Daddy put you in your swing, you made a perfect circle with your mouth and out came spit up.  We crossed that off the parenthood list, though I'm sure it will be the first of many times it happens.  Oh yay for bodily fluids.

Worst Moments:  Hearing you cry when you are hungry and need more milk than mommy can give you right now.

Best Moments:  Seeing your sleeping face.  Somehow when I feed you, you fall asleep five minutes later.  Those moments when you are at peace were just precious.  (Then you wake up five to thirty minutes later, hungry.)



Missed a week?  Watch my Little Prez grow!

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