Monday, June 17, 2013

Mr. Prez is 1 Week Old!

Weight: 7 lbs 4 oz (only 2% less than birth weight).  You are gaining an average of 41 grams per day, and the expected gain is 15-30 grams per day, so you are already beating the average!  

Health: When you were born, you had two low temperatures, but you perked right up once we got to our post-delivery room.  Your APGAR scores were great (two 9s and an 8), and you passed your hearing test with flying colors and had no jaundice.  Each day the pediatrician visited you, she was pleased with how you were doing.  Overall, your health was great despite showing some distress on the heart monitor during labor.  At your first checkup, we learned that your weight gain was awesome and that you were still showing healthy signs.  

Sleep:  Your first week, you slept pretty well, waking up about every 2 hours to nurse.  At the hospital you took turns sleeping in mommy and daddy's arms.  Once we got home from the hospital, you still spent much of the night in our loving arms.  You especially love being swaddled to sleep and would only sleep in your crib if you were swaddled like a burrito.  Grandma Vicki stayed up with you a couple of nights so that mommy and daddy could get some extra sleep because usually after your midnight feeding, you stayed awake instead of going back to sleep.  Silly kid!

Social:  You were first held by daddy because mommy was still in surgery, but he brought you over for me to see and coo at, and you were so handsome right away!  Your first visitors were Grandpa T, Grandma V, and Aunt K.  They left Oklahoma right away when they found out you were almost here, so they got to see you just a few hours after you were born.  All three of them stayed for your first week to spend time with you and help out with cooking, cleaning, and keeping mommy sane.  You have been a spoiled little boy with so much family around wanting to take turns holding you.  Mimi and Grandad came to visit on Friday when you came home from the hospital.  

At the hospital, mommy's friends from school and a family friend from Kansas also came to visit you.

Everyone said you were SO cute and perfect!  

Diet:  Breastmilk.  What a challenge!  For some reason, I thought that since pregnancy was so easy for me that things like breastfeeding would also come naturally, yet it has not.  Despite latching and biting issues, you have been gaining weight well, so I can't be too upset.  

Likes: Eating, observing, and daddy's chest.  Naturally, you love nursing even though it's a challenge for mommy.  And you love staring at everyone and everything around you.  You are so alert, which seems to amaze everyone!  And you love to lay on your tummy on daddy's chest.  You practice crawling up daddy.  Since your first day, everyone (including the doctors and nurses) have commented on how strong you are.  Just like daddy.  You might just crawl early.  

Dislikes: Diaper changes.  You hate getting your diaper changed and changing clothes.  Every single time, you wailed like a banshee.  We try to change your diaper quickly so that we can calm you down again.

Firsts: Everything!  I mean, literally, everything right now is a first for you.  It's an incredible thing to think about.  

Favorite Moments: Watching all of the people who love you dote on you and spoil you, especially your daddy.  Your dad loves hanging out with you, holding you, and cuddling you.  Your aunt always volunteers for burp duty.  Your grandpa snoozed with you on the couch, and your grandma loves cuddling you and cooing at you.  

Worst Moments: I think your dad and I would agree that the lack of sleep is the hardest part so far.  During the first week, your grandparents and aunt helped out so much with cooking, cleaning, and errands.  For mommy, recovering from the cesarean section was also an especially difficult part of the week, too.  

Love you, little man!

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