Friday, June 28, 2013

Baby Prez: 3 Weeks

Dear Baby Prez,

You were three weeks old on Tuesday!

Weight:  7 lb 10.7 oz  You aren't gaining weight as quickly as your first week, but you are above your birth weight, which makes Mommy happy!

Health:  You are still a happy and healthy baby.  This week you broke out with little baby acne.  Your dad is really bothered by it even though it is normal.  You also grew out of your newborn sized sleepers because you are too long for them now.

Sleep:  You have been a great sleeper, which Mommy and Daddy appreciate a lot!  You have a tendency to take a long four hour nap during day.  If only you could take a long nap during the night instead!  You have started sleeping about three hours for the first night shift, but still wake up every two hours after that.

Social:  This week you visited Mimi and Grandad's house again and got to spend more time with your cousin.  Mimi and your cousin love to hold you, feed you, and burp you.  In other words, they like to spoil you.  You also met Daddy's best friend and his family and a few more friends of the family.  As usual, everyone thought you were adorable.

Diet:  Breastmilk and formula.  You are such a hungry little monster that we have started supplementing some of your normal feedings with formula.  Even after nursing, you are sometimes hungry enough to drink another ounce of formula, and for you, that's a lot!

Likes:  Sleeping in your Pack N Play.  What a great discovery!  You are not a huge fan of sleeping in your crib, but you do like sleeping in the bassinet part of your Pack N Play.

Dislikes:  You are still not a fan of diaper changes, but otherwise you are a happy camper.

Firsts:  Shooting poop.  For the first time, you pooped during a diaper change, and this was not a normal poop.  You pooped right into Daddy's hand as he changed your diaper, and then when he grabbed a new diaper, you shot poop all over the changing table, changing pad, clean clothes, and Daddy!  Sleeping in the Pack N Play.  We took your Pack N Play to Mimi and Grandad's house, and you love it.  Mommy also loves it.  For the first time since we came home from the hospital, Mommy got to sleep a whole night in a bed (getting up periodically to feed you).

Worst Moments:  Shooting poop.

Best Moments:  Discovering that you like to sleep and hang out in your Pack N Play.  I had almost forgotten how nice it is to sleep in a bed for more than a hour or so each night!



Missed a week?  Watch my Little Prez grow!

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