Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Reading List: Just As I Am

Just As I Am by Kim Vogel Sawyer is the next segment in the saga of Levi and Christina Johnson, and it will be released in just one week!  Preorder your copy today!

This newest story comes after What Once Was Lost, a full length fiction that I reviewed in September in this post, and sets the stage for the next full length fiction by Sawyer, Echoes of Mercy.  

Echoes of Mercy will be released January 14, 2014.  

"In this romantic 19th century-set short fiction follow-up to What Once Was Lost, while setting the stage for Sawyer's next novel, Echoes of Mercy, a young woman must let go of past rejections to find hope in the meaningful future God wants for her.

Daisy Forrester has been raised in Brambleville, Kansas at Dunnigan's Orphan Asylum by Levi and Christina Jonnson. As she has watched younger, more appealing orphans come and go on to new families, Daisy has spent years becoming a valued helper for Ma and Pa Jonnson, as the orphans call them. However, she is coming up on her sixteenth birthday, and it will soon be time for her to make her own way in the world.  Nervous about leaving the farm, she turns to the one connection she has out in the world--Robby, a friend who left the asylum before her and is now employed in Sinclair, Kansas at Dinsmore's World Famous Chocolate Factory.

Daisy heads for the safe harbor that is his friendship, but the outside world doesn't offer the friendly welcome  that Daisy dreams of and Robby faces unique challenges of his own in the form of an eager co-worker bent on sending Daisy back to Brambleville.  Can Daisy look beyond her own insecurities to embrace a young man with great affection for her, and a God who calls her 'beloved'--just as she is?" -- Amazon.

This is definitely on my reading list for this month, and at under a dollar, how could I not buy it?!?

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