Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Baby Prez: 23 Weeks

Dear Baby Prez,

Weight:   You're probably near 17 pounds.  Growing all the time!

Health:  Happy and healthy!  Your Daddy got a cold this week, so we are trying to quarantine him to keep you healthy, but chances are that you've already been exposed.  Mommy is not looking forward to your first cold.

Sleep:  Sleeping from about 8pm to 7am with an 11pm dream feed and a feeding around 5am.  One morning you slept until 8:45am!  Mommy was so excited!

Social:  This week we took you to Happy Hour as usual.  You cuddled right up to Mommy's advisor's wife, Ruth, and fell asleep.  Then we ran home, packed, and went Mimi and Grandad's for the weekend.  You played with Mimi, Grandad, and your cousin all weekend!  You love playing with you cousin, who is turning out to be quite the babysitter.  And Mimi took you on a walk since the weather was still nice, and you were in awe of all the things to see.

Diet:  You're a big eater.  You drink bottles during the day as well brunch and dinner.  Brunch is still usually fruit and cereal and dinner is usually veggies.  This weekend you tried oranges for the first time.  Yum!  

Likes:   Toes, jumping, smiling, rolling around, people, walks, toys that you can shake

Dislikes:  Laying down for too long and being hungry.

This week you learned . . . 

to shake toys.  Before this, every toy would go straight to your mouth.  But now, you've discovered that shaking the toys usually means that it makes noise!

to make a zerbertz noise.  You've also learned a new sound!  This week you figured out how to vibrate your lips together and make a zerbertz noise.  It's almost like a raspberry, but you're not sticking your tongue out.  Regardless of what to call the noise, it's quite adorable when you make the noise.  What makes it rather funny is that you make the noise both when you are happy and when you are upset.  It is particularly awesome when you make the noise while eating and spray food everywhere (not!).  We will see how long this is your preferred noise.  It seems like whenever you learn a new noise, you make it nearly constantly until the next sound is learned.

Current Nicknames:  Linky Blinky, Fuss Bucket, Bucket, Bucket Man, Boyfriend (Mimi & Cousin)



Missed a week?  Watch my Little Prez grow!

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