Monday, December 2, 2013

21 Days to a Simple Christmas: Day 1

I'm taking part in Money Saving Mom's 21 Days to a Simple Christmas challenge.  Christmas is without a doubt my favorite holiday, and this is Baby President's very first Christmas, so I really want to make it special.  But, having a baby during grad school has been a huge challenge in terms of making progress on all of my papers and assignments.  In other words, I'm behind.  I've been tasked by my graduate committee to get caught up by January.  Yikes!  Thus, my participation in a challenge to help me and my family have an amazing, yet simple holiday.

Day One of the challenge is to create a mission statement.

This Christmas season, I want to remember what is important about Christmas - Jesus and family, and minimize the excess that comes with the season.  I want to make my first Christmas with my husband and son to be special without going overboard.

You can sign up for the challenge here, and don't forget to check out Money Saving Mom's newest book, Say Goodbye to Survival Mode.  I'm thrilled to be part of the launch team for the book, and will be reviewing it here on Harvey Ever After soon.

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