Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Baby Prez: 26 Weeks {1st Thanksgiving}

Dear Baby Prez,

All bundled up & ready to travel!

Weight:    According to a different bathroom scale this week, you still seem to be about 18 pounds.  

Health:   You are a healthy boy.  Now it is Mommy's turn to get a cold, but hopefully you won't catch it! 

As of Sunday, you are officially teething.  Drool is your middle name, and you chew on anything and everything you can get your hands on.  Unfortunately, you have started getting fussy.  You haven't been fussy very much til now, so I guess Mommy and Daddy just had it coming.

Sleep:  The story here is still the same.  You wake up about once a night if you don't have a dream feed.  Your schedule was all mixed up this week because we were traveling for Thanksgiving, but now that we are back home, we are trying to get to back into your routine.  

Social:  You were pretty much the star of the show at both of our Thanksgiving celebrations . . . as usual.  More on that later.

Diet:  This week, you tried mashed potatoes for the first time since it is such a quintessential Thanksgiving food.  It is pretty much the only food that you didn't like very much.  You didn't hate it, but you certainly did not love it much.  Otherwise, you are eating three meals a day, plus breastmilk bottles in between meals.  

Likes:   Toes, people, your walker, jumping, walks around the neighborhood

Mommy's cousin, Jacey, brought a Johnny Jumper to Grandma's house for you.  We set you up in the kitchen doorway, and you jumped and jumped and jumped.  You probably spent a whole hour jumping!

This week you learned . . .

To help Mommy put your clothes on.  You will push your arms and legs through their respective holes; Mommy just makes sure that you are all lined up.  


First Thanksgiving

This week we traveled far and wide to see family for Thanksgiving.  First, we headed over the river and through the prairie to Grandma Vicki and Grandpa Tom's house.  We let you sleep until the last minute, and at about 6am, we transferred a sleeping Baby President to the car, and we left for Oklahoma - Mommy, Daddy, Baby President, and all three puppies (in Mommy's Honda Civic.  Yes, we looked like a clown car.) You visited Eskimo Joe's for the first time when we arrived and Daddy tried their famous cheese fries that have been endorsed by both President Bush #1 and President Bush #2.  Then, Grandma got to show you off to her office friends!  You smiled at everyone and told some very interesting stories!  The rest of the day we hung out with Aunt Kiley, Grandpa, and Grandma (once she got home from work).  They all love you so much and miss you so much!  Aunt Kiley especially enjoyed cuddling with you while you slept.  And Grandpa Tom and you took some naps together in the recliner...classic sleep photo.  (Doesn't everyone have these?)  I'm pretty sure we have this exact same photo with me and my sister when we were babies.  Unfortunately, Mommy can't find the picture she took of this.  But, it happened.  Twice.

On Thursday, Grandma's house was full of family for Thanksgiving.  You got to see everyone!  Your little cousins were enamored by you.  They wanted to see you and play with you and bring you toys.  It was just adorable.  Next year, there definitely be chaos when you are walking and can play with them more.  We will have three little boys under the age of 5 running around!  You enjoyed the day and were happy to hang out with everyone!  Later Mommy and Daddy ventured out to do some Black "Friday" shopping (even though it wasn't Friday yet) with Grandma and Aunt Kiley.  

The "young adult" table: Jagger, Jacey, Josh, Elise, Kiley, Alex, Jared, & Jay

Birthday Celebration for Jay & Jagger

Jay & Jagger loved you!
 After breakfast at IHOP, it was on the road again back to Nebraska to have Thanksgiving with Mimi, Grandad, and Chanel.  We also took you on a walk to the park, and you got to play on the swings for the first time.  You thought it was so much fun...until you didn't.  You got to sit up at the table like a big boy and you liked being a part of everything, but you weren't a fan of the potatoes we made you.  You got to hang out with Chanel and Mimi while Mommy and Daddy went to a birthday party for one of Daddy's high school friends.  Mimi reported that you were a very good boy while we were gone.

Current Nicknames: Lincoln Log, Linky Blinky, Monster Man


Missed a week?  Watch my Little Prez grow!

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