Sunday, February 15, 2015

5 Reasons to Find Financial Peace

Alexander the Great and I recently decided to participate in Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University class offered by our local church, Horizons Community Church.  (I have to give my awesome church a shout-out here!)

But, Why?

It's honestly a good question.  I have always thought that I do a pretty good job of managing my (now, our) money.  Nevertheless, I could be better at it, right?  Well, here are our 5 reasons to find financial peace: 

1. We are getting ready for major life transitions.  

Over the summer we will have: 

New baby, 
New jobs, 
New city (and state), and 
New house (that we buy, hopefully)

We want to have our finances in order before we move, so that we can get through the transitions without stressing over money.  

2.  We have debt. 

No mortgage (yet)
No credit card debt (just monthly expenses that get paid in full EVERY month)
But, plenty of student loan debt

We want to not only pay off the student loan debt "on time", but we also want to get ahead of the game and pay it off early...very early.

3.  We have goals, but wanted a plan to reach them. 

Our goals include: 

Adopting children
Buying land and establishing a permaculture farm
Retirement (duh!)

All of these goals, plus the others not listed here, require money to start out with at the very least.  Alexander the Great and I want to accomplish our goals before retirement age.

4. We have seen the success of our friends who have taken the class. 

We have seen friends who have taken the class improved not only their financial position, but also their marriages, relationships with children, and overall well-being.

5. We wanted to implement God's Word in the financial part of our lives. 

Last, but certainly not least, I love the idea that God actually has given us instructions and tools for managing money, and that's what Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University is all about.  

There are many reasons to take Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University class, but these are our top reasons for enrolling.  You can start to implement the ideas from Financial Peace University by reading some of Dave Ramsey's books like Total Money Makeover and Dave Ramsey's Complete Guide to Money, but I the class has been even better than reading the books alone.  

I hope you will stick with us and follow our mission to find financial peace.  

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