Thursday, February 12, 2015

Lincoln Local: Cheap Bananas @ Hyvee (2/13 ONLY!)

I will definitely be at Hyvee tomorrow!  This week, I was able to get all of our groceries for our weekly meal plan for $10 under budget!  Since we are new Dave Ramsey converts, I am making a huge effort to find cheap Paleo meals so that we can stay on or under budget for food.  It has definitely been a challenge to cut out processed foods (**read -- cheap foods**) and stay on budget.  Staying under budget this week paid off because now I can still make a Hyvee run tomorrow for bananas!!  Add the deals from my favorite couponing apps, and it will be even cheaper!

Hyvee Bananas (February 13th ONLY): $.33
= $.26 per pound

If you have the Checkout 51 app, you can get another $.25 off (not per pound, just a straight $.25).  Both Saving Star and Checkout 51 make deposits into your account, which you can cash out at a certain threshold.  Saving Star has a $5 minimum for cashing out, and Checkout 51 has a $20 minimum for cashing out.

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