Wednesday, March 11, 2015

3 Crazy Ways to Make Extra Money

3 Crazy Ways to Make More Money

1. Sell your Hair

Seriously.  You can sell your hair online at HairSellon for upwards of $400!

Ideally, buyers are looking for virgin (i.e. not chemically treated) hair of at least 10 inches.  Even so, you can list your hair for sale even if you do not meet these criteria.

My hair (which has been dyed, but could have 10-12 inches cut off easily) is worth $108 according to their Hair Price Calculator.

And a friend of mine recently sold 14 inches of her virgin blonde hair for $400!  Wow!

You find out more information or post an ad to sell your hair HERE.

2. Sell Plasma

I know this one sounds gross, and that's why it is a crazy way to make extra money.  If you live in a reasonably-sized city or a college town, you can likely find a local plasma center.

This is a pretty common way for college students to make extra money, but why not us adults?

The pay for selling plasma varies, but at the local Biotest facility, you earn approximately $40 for the first donation and $50 for each subsequent donation.  You can donate twice per week, which means that you could be making $100/week or over $5,000/year if you were really consistent!

3. Rent out a room or your car

If you have an extra bedroom in your house, consider renting it out to make extra money.  You could go for a regular boarder, but if you just want to make some extra income at various intervals, consider listing the space on AirBnb.  Before we had our first child, I considered renting out our basement bedroom for football game weekends because all of the hotels are sold out far in advance.  One of the great parts about Airbnb is that you have complete control over when your room is available and you have the control to approve or reject people who are interested in renting.  We've also used Airbnb to book vacation rentals and have had great experiences!

Check out the statistics in your area with AirDnA HERE.  
Create your Airbnb listing HERE.

There's also a new service out there similar to Airbnb called RelayRides, but instead of peer renting rooms, you can list your car for rent to make extra money!  Again, you have control over who rents your car and when it can be rented.  What a cool way to make extra money if you have two cars, but could deal with using one car over a busy weekend in town.

These crazy methods to make extra money are definitely going to be out of some people's comfort zones, and that's okay, but if you are willing to go the extra mile, you could earn extra cash painlessly (unless you hate needles)!

What crazy ways have you used to make extra money?

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