Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Toddler Products I'm Drooling Over Today

It's a window shopping kind of day.  I'm crazy frugal, and when you are on a mission to financial freedom, you have to be frugal.  It's just a requirement.  But, I often think along the lines of "Someday...when I have a better job, when we own a house, when we have more money..."

You get the idea.

And without further ado, here are a few of those things that I would love to have for my toddler, still known as Baby Prez.

1. Booster Seats

Baby Prez has decided that he is too grown up to sit in his highchair and with a new-to-us dining table that takes up much more room in our dining room than our old dining table, I'm inclined to agree that it is time for the high chair to go.  I'm wanting to get a booster seat for him, and honestly, I'll probably find one on Craigslist.  But, if not, these are the ones I have my eye on!

I love that this one comes with a chair pad and is a neutral color.
Available at Target or Amazon

How awesome is this travel booster that folds us with a handle and a storage compartment?!  I would use this at home and on-the-go!
Available at Target or Amazon

2. Big Face Mickey Mealtime Set

Baby Prez loves Mickey right now because he gets to watch one episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse each day at daycare, so he has been picking out shirts with Mickey on them and notices Mickey on his place mat at dinnertime.  So, he would just love this set, and so would I!  It's so cute!

Right now it's available at or Amazon!

3. Daniel Tiger Pillowcase and More!

Baby Prez is also loving Daniel Tiger these days after we discovered the show on Netflix.  He loves that Daniel Tiger has a "Tiggy" just like he has a "Teddy".  How cute is this personalized pillowcase?!

Available at Zulily

4. Woody Cowboy Hat

Maybe my kiddo likes too many characters these days, but he loves his Woody doll (that used to be his Daddy's), and he's a bit crazy about hats!  I think he would look super cute running around with a this Woody cowboy hat!

The hat is even a pretty good deal right now at zulily for $14.99.  (It's $19.95 at Amazon.)
Disney Toy Story Cowboy Hat

5. Little People Bus

For Christmas, we got Baby Prez the Little People Pirate Ship.  He loves it, but still steals Miss Coco's Barbie car every chance he gets.  So, the last toddler toy I'm drooling about is this Little People School Bus!

Available at Target

Well, I'm done window shopping for now!

But I'd love to hear about your favorites - What toddler products are wishing for right now?

*This post contains affiliate links.*

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