Monday, March 9, 2015

American Girl is 30% Off at zulily! Rare sale!

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When I was a little girl, I adored American Girl dolls.  I got the catalog in the mail every month and looked through that catalog constantly.  My favorite doll was always Felicity, but I loved ALL of them!  I still remember the Christmas when I received my Kirsten doll!  And I still have her to this day!

I will always remember my mom and grandma making clothes for Kirsten and playing with her for hours on end.

Well, right now, you can get an American Girl doll for your daughter or granddaughter at a 30% discount.  (Which never ever happened when I was a child.)

Here are my favorites from the discounted options at zulily

American Girl Doll Medium Skin, Layered Brown Hair, Brown Eyes + 2 Outfits $104.99 at zulily
This is the American Girl doll I would get for Baby Girl (assuming she looks at all like Baby Prez).  She even comes with an extra outfit!  So cute!  Check her out HERE.

Soccer Doll Outfit $27.99 at zulily
I also love this soccer outfit!  Not that I was ever a soccer player, but it reminds my of my younger sister, who was a rock-star soccer player back in high school!  
Check it out HERE.

Don't wait to check out these discounted American Girl products
There are already a few that are sold out and 
the sale ends on March 12th!

Find them on zulily HERE.

*This post contains affiliate links.*

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