Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Revisiting the Viking Nursery

I just love this nursery theme and wanted to revisit it today!  The twins' nursery theme will be posted soon!

Every one of my babies has a theme.  Little Prez had a farm theme, Little Princess had a mermaid theme and Little Viking has a corresponding theme!

His nursery theme is . . . Vikings!  I wanted something unique, masculine, and adorable.  I really like the adventure themed nurseries I've seen on Pinterest, but it seems like the adventure theme is just a bit too common at this point for me.  So, I decided to take a Norse spin on the adventure theme and use a Viking Nursery Theme.

Viking Themed Nursery Ideas
Be Brave Print

Viking Ship Bookends

I think this was the first Pinterest picture that came up with my first search, and even though I probably will never buy these awesome bookends, I think they are perfect for a shelf or top of a dresser in a Viking themed nursery.

Viking Ship Sheets

Hanna Andersson Viking Themed Nursery Sheets

There is a crib sheet set available in the boat fabric that I'm very tempted to buy even though it's a bit more than I would usually spend on crib sheets.  (Okay, maybe I've never even bought a crib sheet that wasn't at a garage sale, so maybe that shouldn't count.)

Waves Area Rug

And I just adore this waves rug!  It comes in a variety of sizes both rectangular and round, but I think the round version just works with the round waves for a Viking themed nursery.

Wave Rug for Viking Themed Nursery

Viking-Inspired Sleigh Crib

This sleigh crib from Pottery Barn just says Vikings to me, but unfortunately it's not longer available.  I did find a similar one from Bratt Decor on Amazon.  You can check it out here.

Viking Sleigh Crib for Viking Themed Nursery
Pottery Barn Larkin Sleigh Crib

Viking Ship Mobile

Viking Ship Mobile for Viking Themed Nursery

There are several versions of this Viking ship mobile available from a variety of websites, but this is one is my favorite, by far, because of the navy striped sails.

Be Brave Viking Wall Print

And last, but not least, this Be Brave print is super cute and is the perfect color scheme as well.  Unfortunately, it is no longer being sold at the Etsy shop where it originated, so I may try to make one on my own!

Be Brave Print for Viking Themed Nursery

Viking Pillow

And I almost forgot this adorable pillow from Hanna Andersson.  The red doesn't quite fit with my blue and grey them, but I really like this little guy!

Viking Swaddle

I just found this, oh so sweet, viking swaddle!  We use swaddles for our babies ALL THE TIME.  It's a necessity.  :-)

Viking Baby Swaddle for Viking Themed Nursery
Viking Swaddle @

Old Viking Boat Wall Art

I'm in love with this Viking wall art.  It's just so majestic and beautiful.  I'd love to see it somewhere in a Viking themed nursery!
Viking Boat Wall Art for Viking Themed Nursery
Old Viking Boat Wall Art @

Personalized Viking Ship Wall Decal

This adorable personalized Viking Ship wall decal might be another necessity in a Viking themed nursery!

Custom Viking Ship Wall Decal for Viking Themed Nursery
Custom Viking Ship Wall Decal @

I'm on the lookout for more inspirations and products for my Viking themed nursery!  Can't wait for my little Viking to arrive in a few days!

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