Saturday, July 6, 2013

Baby Prez is One Month Old!

Dear Baby Prez,

Happy Independence Day and One Month Birthday!  I can't believe you are already one month old.  Even though some moments have seemed long (like the sleepless nights), the time has just flown by!

Today is your one-month birthday and Independence Day!  Gramma got you a special outfit to celebrate.  We are also going to visit the neighbors for food and fireworks this evening, so you'll get to meet lots of new people.

Weight:   8 pounds 8 ounces

Health:  You still have a bit of baby acne going on, but hopefully your hormones will calm down soon and it will go away.  But, don't worry.  It's normal.  

Sleep:  You are such a good sleeper.  If Mommy doesn't wake you to eat, you'll sleep over 4 hours at a time during the night!  It won't be too long at all until you sleep through the night!

Social:  You got to spend lots of time with Gramma this week because she came to visit and help while Mommy worked on an important paper revision that was due to a journal.  She loved hanging out with you and sent tons of pictures to Grandpa and Aunt K.  You also got a visit from some of Mommy's friends from school.  You are a popular kid.  

Diet:  Almost exclusively breastmilk, though you get formula every once in awhile.  

Likes:  Now that you can roll a bit, you have discovered sleeping on your side, and you love it.  You turn to your side all by yourself!  

Dislikes:  Not much - you have been a pretty happy baby this week.

Firsts:  Rolling Over. You can roll from your stomach to your back.  Dancing.  Yes, that's right you did some thrusting dance moves all by yourself.  You're going to be an awesome dancer just like your Daddy (or so he tells me).  

Worst Moments:  Having Gramma leave.  She was so helpful and really made the week so much easier on Mommy and Daddy.

Best Moments:  Having Gramma here.  Also, figuring out that you'll happily keep me company while I work (until you are hungry again).  The bouncer sits perfectly right next to me in the office, and you get to look at the lights and listen to my music.  



Missed a week?  Watch my Little Prez grow!

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