Friday, October 18, 2013

Favorite Baby Halloween Costumes {Five on Friday}

Halloween Favorites - Part 1

Halloween is without a doubt my second favorite holiday after Christmas.  I admit that it is probably because my favorite color is orange, Oklahoma State's colors are orange and black, and Halloween colors are orange and black.

This week I totally crushing on Halloween costume's for baby!

Confession: I haven't ordered my son's costume yet.  Bad mom, alert!  But there are SO many cute costumes!  Here are my current favorites:

 #1 the Tardis from Dr. Who

If we do this, I'd love for hubby to Dr. Who and me to be a companion.  I think I could pull off Amy Pond, right?

Tardis Baby Halloween Costume

#2 Dragon

With Baby Prez as a dragon, I'd be a princess and have hubby be a knight or a prince.

Dragon Baby Halloween Costume

#3 Owl

I just think this costume is adorable.  Almost reminiscent of Harry Potter.

Owl Baby Halloween Costume

#4 Lobster

Not only is this adorable on its own, but how cute is that baby in the pot?  We also have another idea to make this one extra cute, but it will have to be a surprise if Baby Prez is a lobster!

Lobster Baby Halloween Costume

#5 Dobby the House Elf from Harry Potter

Simple, but completely adorable!

Dobby Baby Halloween Costume

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