Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Baby Prez: 18 Weeks

Dear Baby Prez,

Weight:    About 14 pounds.  We will find out the official weight at your four month checkup next week.

Health:  Healthy and happy!

Sleep:  Mommy and Daddy are trying to figure out ways to help you sleep through the night, but you still wake up hungry about once every night.  

Diet:  Breastmilk, sweet potatoes, bananas, broccoli, and acorn squash.

Likes:   Toys.  Ever since you watched Baby N play with toys and try to steal your pacifier a few weeks ago, you have started to mimic her actions.  I'm not sure if observing her helped you learn or inspired you, but it sure seems like it!  You are increasingly interested in playing with your toys (though sometimes that means you just try to eat them)!  

Jumping.  This is definitely your new favorite activity.  You have worked on standing since you were just a few weeks old, but now instead of simply liking to "stand", you want to jump!  Once you are in a standing position, you constantly squat down and then push off as if to jump and repeat.  It's lots of fun to help you jump and it's a good work out for Mommy's arms, too.

People.  You love people.  Every time you meet someone's eyes (and realize there's a person looking at you), you light up with a huge smile.  It is absolutely adorable.

Eating your hand.  You still like your pacifier, but you are really into trying to eat your own hand these days.  I think you have challenged yourself to see if you can fit your entire fist in your mouth.

Playing in a box.  The simplest things can become toys, right?  Well, you love sitting in a box with pillows and all your toys!  It's a bit silly, but you sure enjoy it!

Dislikes:  Being hungry.  Getting stuck when you are trying to roll from your back to your tummy.  

Worst Moments:  Waking up in the middle of the night with you.  As much as Mommy loves seeing your cute little face (even in the middle of the night), I can't wait for you to sleep through the night.

Best Moments:  Jumping with you!  



Missed a week?  Watch my Little Prez grow!

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