Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Baby Prez: 20 Weeks

Dear Baby Prez,

What a big week for you!  You have reached some awesome milestones!  And Mommy loves all of your funny faces!

Weight:  ~16 pounds

Health:  You are growing and changing, but staying healthy!  Mommy and Daddy think you might be teething because you are getting a bit fussier than usual and you are constantly chewing on your hands, toys, other people's hands...anything you can grab.

Sleep:  Mommy and Daddy are working on training you to sleep through the night, but no luck so far.  You have lengthened your first stretch of the night to about 5 hours.  Then you wake up hungry, eat, and sleep for another 4 hours.  Usually when you wake after the second stretch, you are totally awake and ready for the day.

Social:  Visited Grandma Vicki, Grandpa Tom, and Aunt Kiley's house in Oklahoma for the weekend! They loved having our family around for a few days...mostly they loved getting to cuddle with you!  On the way home from our roadtrip, we stopped to see Daddy's high school friend.  The mommies and daddies ate yummy sushi while you and their baby girl, Mir-mir, played.  

Grandma and Baby Prez
Baby Prez and Grandma

Auntie and Baby Prez
Baby Prez and Aunt Kiley

Family game night!  Daddy won!

Diet:  This week we added applesauce to your diet.  You weren't sure about it at first, but once it was mixed with a little breastmilk, you decided that it wasn't so bad after all.  


You have officially mastered rolling from your back to your tummy.  This week, every time I lay you down on your back, you immediately roll over.  Sometimes, I walk out of the room for a minute, and by the time I walk back in, you have rolled all the way across the room!  You are so proud of yourself...


Until you realize that you are stuck on your tummy.  Even though you know how to roll from your tummy to your back, you apparently forget sometimes.

A bit blurry, but still adorable!


1st Oklahoma State Homecoming

Mommy was SO excited to take you to your first Oklahoma State Homecoming - America's Greatest Homecoming!  Grandma Vicki and Grandpa Tom took Mommy to her first Homecoming when she was just about your age, so it seems appropriate to take you to yours.  On Thursday night, we made the 6 hour drive to Oklahoma, which took a bit longer than usual since we had to stop an extra time or two so you didn't have to be in your carseat the whole time.  You tolerated it pretty well, but you were definitely ready to be done with the car by the time we arrived.  

On Friday, we visited Grandma at her new office and had Chick-fil-a for lunch with Grandma and Grandpa in the Student Union.  (It's the largest and most amazing Student Union in the world!)  That evening, we went to the Walkaround, where we looked at all of the incredible house decs, made out of chicken wire and tissue paper.  It was pretty chilly outside, so we buddled you up in your snowsuit and tucked you in the stroller. You fell asleep and slept until we were almost ready to leave, so we got a photo with you and Pistol Pete and headed home to watch Homecoming and Hoops on ESPNU.  

House Decs -- Can you believe they are made out of tissue paper and chicken wire?!

All bundled up!

You found your toes!

On Saturday, while we were in Oklahoma, you reached up and found your toes.  You were so fascinated by them!  Ever since then, you grab your toes at every diaper change and sometimes in between.

Worst Moments:  A six hour roadtrip.

Best Moments:  Hanging out with Aunt Kiley, Grandma, and Grandpa!



Missed a week?  Watch my Little Prez grow!

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