Saturday, July 17, 2010

Painting has begun...

Today was our first day of painting at my new house!  We were on the road from KS by 8:30 AM and finally arrived to unload and get started.  After eating a yummy lunch at Scholtsky's, we got paint at Walmart for the living room - Trenchcoat Khaki, living room accent wall - Tibetan Orange, and bathroom - Afternoon Shade.  Painting began around three in the afternoon and we finished up a little after eight.  We completed the living room and bathroom (which started out maroon) and edged the kitchen.  The kitchen is going to be a sort of tuscan yellow that my parents used in their kitchen too! 

It's getting to really feel like a real house, and I'm getting excited to get everything moved it and arranged.  Just a few weeks until the big move in!

Well, it's late and we have an early day tomorrow!  We are planning to get started around eight in the morning and there is a Safelight person coming to fix a chip in my windshield that happened on the way!

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