Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Teaching...oh my!

Just about a month until I will be in Lincoln full time, so I decided to crack open my books today!  No, not my books for the classes I'm taking, but the books for the class that I'm teaching discussion sections for.  The teaching manual is much less exciting than the student's textbook...no pictures, charts, or anything.  I took this class at OSU my freshman years, I guess it's time to start studying! 

Furniture comes tomorrow, so I will at last be able to finalize paint colors!  This morning I had to search through my storage unit for my living room curtains because I'm thinking about an accent wall in the living room and I want to make sure the paint doesn't clash with the drapes.  The only other thing to consider is the carpet color, but I will hopefully narrow the choices down before we get there to see the carpet.  I'm still leaning towards "Trenchcoat Khaki", which I used my senior year in Stillwater.  It's not a current color, but I confirmed with Walmart today that they can still make it!

Almost time to start dinner!  I'm using a recipe from my friend Sarah's blog for enchiladas!  I can't wait to see how they turn out!


  1. I like your new facelift. That is crazy that you are going to be teaching a discussion course! That is awesome....hope it goes well!

  2. Thanks! I went through several versions of facelift before I got to this one! I'm liking it too!