Monday, July 12, 2010

Friendly Flowers

I have three pots of flowers for my new home, and I can't wait until they start growing and blooming!  They are going to look beautiful on my front porch! 

I also just ordered new living room furniture!  I found a super comfortable set in Claflin that are discontinued, so I got an incredible deal on a matching mocha chaise and loveseat. 

Things are coming along quite nicely for my little duplex.  Now on to picking paint colors...I've gone to Ace, but today I'm going to Walmart, Heartland, and Home Depot!  Suggestions are welcome!


  1. I love flowers. The selection here is slim though right now. They are picked over or dead. They will be cute for you though!

  2. We were lucky to find some decent ones 75% off at Ace!