Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Dear Mermaid Princess, {Week 24}

Dear Mermaid Princess,

Mommy is finally getting around to your blog updates.  Mommy blogger fail, I know. But it doesn't mean I love you any less.

So, here we go.  Today, you are 24 weeks old.  I can't believe it.  You're growing so fast and it seems like you just arrived.

Weight:  over 17 pounds.  You have the cutest little baby chubs.  

Health:  We are all finally over the cold that went around the whole family.  

Mermaid Princess relaxing on her handmade quilt
You love your quilt from Gramma Vicki and Aunt Kiley!

Sleep:  You are such a good sleeper, and that makes Mommy SOOOO happy.  Every once in awhile you wake up, but it's rare.  This week you woke up once at 4am, but otherwise, you sleep from about 9-10pm to 7am.  

Social:  We really don't know anyone in South Carolina to be social with yet, but you love going to daycare and playing with all of your friends.  They dote on you.  

Diet:  You had some runnies with your cold, so you haven't been eating solids for the past week, but you'll start again soon.  You love anything with banana in it just like your brother always did.  And nothing is as good as mommy's milk in a bottle.

Likes:   Bouncing. smiling, trying to sit up, toys!

Dislikes:  Nothing really.  You are truly such a happy little girl.  You cry when you're hungry.  In the past week, you've decided a couple of times that you only want Mommy to hold you though.  And Mommy really does enjoy this little development, except when she's trying to make dinner.  

Nicknames: Princess (Daddy), Pumpkin (Mommy), Baby Girl (Big brother)

Milestones:  You're going to reach the sitting up milestone any minute.  You can sit propped up with one hand for about 30 to 60 seconds, and you love it!

Adventures:  We took a family day trip to a mushroom farm.  Yep, a mushroom farm.  It was your Daddy's idea.  You hung out with Mommy in your ring sling the whole time, and you were happy as a clam until you decided to be hungry.  Little Prez and Miss Coco played outside while we went with Daddy on a tour of the mushroom laboratory where they are researching all kinds of cool things that mushrooms can do like create antibodies for infections and eat plastic.

Look at me, Mom!  I can sit up!



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