Monday, July 22, 2013

{Project Reveal} Displaying Travel Souvenirs

Ever wonder what to do with those brochures, maps, and other travel souvenirs?

I always come home with all kinds of paper souvenirs from my vacations like brochures, maps, receipts, ticket stubs, etc.  When I was younger and did a lot of scrapbooking, my scrapbook was an obvious place to keep them, but as I've stopped scrapbooking as much, I have simply ended up with much paper clutter from my travels.

Last summer, I surprised my boyfriend (now husband) with a trip to Seattle.  When we returned, I again had all kinds of paper souvenirs that ended up in a pile of paper clutter.  And paper clutter is one of my personal pet peeves and nemeses.  One of my constant goals is to figure out how to reduce my paper clutter.

I decided to combine some photos from the trip with one of the maps of downtown Seattle that we used during the trip and recycle the remainder of the brochures and such.

Walgreens is my favorite photo site because there I can create my photo order and pick it up an hour later.  And there is always a store location nearby!  For this project, I created created photo collages.  I thought about scanning some of the brochure sections to include, but decided to stick with photos for this project.

Instead of only photos, I used a 4x6 inch section of the map in a frame that I already owned and re-purposed for this project.

2 4x6 photo collages
1 map of downtown Seattle
1 3 photo frame


1. Choose a collage style photo frame.
2. Decide which souvenirs you want to display and cut them down to the size of the frame openings.
3. Choose, print, and insert travel photos for the rest of the frame openings.

Project Reveal

DIY travel souvenir display project

I love the way this project turned out.  I was able to display my travel souvenirs and some photos of our travels for only the cost of the of the photos which was less than $1!

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