Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Baby Prez: 6 Weeks!

Dear Baby Prez, 

You are 6 weeks old, and you'll be reaching some major milestones this week!  You will start smiling soon and making eye contact!

Harvey Ever After

Weight:    9 pounds, 9 oz

Health:  You are still a healthy baby!    You got a clean bill of health today from the pediatrician today.  Even though you are in the 4th percentile for height at 21 inches and the 16th percentile for weight, you are gaining weight just like you should.  Your head circumference is in the 50th percentile.  The nurse also gave you your 2 month immunizations today - one oral liquid and three shots!  You were such a champ and only cried for a few seconds!

Harvey Ever After

Sleep:  You've been a little bit more fussy this week overall, but you're still sleeping pretty well.  Your favorite place to sleep is cuddled up with Daddy, but you also like the bassinet in the pack n play and the bassinet in the nursery.  Daddy likes to fall asleep with you on the couch, and then Mommy takes you up to the nursery when it's nighttime snacktime.  Sometimes in the morning, you eat and then take a nap with Mommy

Social:  Mimi and your cousin came to visit this week.  Your cousin fed you a bottle and your daddy helped her with her math workbook as she gets ready for 5th grade.  You were a popular little man at church.  Several strangers commented about how adorable you are.  We also visited Mommy's office for the first time and everyone oohed and ahhed over you there, too!  

Harvey Ever After

Diet:  Breastmilk only.  And you are still a very hungry little guy.  I think you would eat constantly if we would let you!  When you get hungry, you make little noises that sound like you are constantly saying "yeah, yeah, yeah".  It's pretty cute when we ask if you are hungry and you respond with little yeahs.  

Likes:   Lullabies and lights.  This week we discovered that you are intrigued by lullabies.  You, like all babies, like lights, but Daddy got you a fiber optic tree that reminds mommy of the toys from the circus from when she was little.  

Dislikes:  Being kept waiting.  When you decide you want something, usually food, you are not a patient kid.  You let us know immediately with a wail and do not stop until you get the milk!

Harvey Ever After

Milestones:  Cloth diaper!  This week we experimented with cloth diapering for the first time, and you seemed fine with the change.  Making noise.  You are getting noisier each week from your "yeahs" to other little coos and babbling noises.  First shots.  Three of your four immunizations were shots, and you were such a champ!  Mommy was so proud of you!

Harvey Ever After

Worst Moments:  Poop blowouts.  Gross!  You've been saving up your poop and having fewer bowel movements, which means more poop each time, and that extra poop did not stay in the diaper!  Time for bigger diapers!   You graduated to the next size!

Best Moments:   Cuddling with you and Daddy!  

Harvey Ever After



Missed a week?  Watch my Little Prez grow!

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