Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Baby Prez: 10 Weeks

Dear Baby Prez,

Big milestones this week!

Weight:  I don't know for sure, but we are going into the doctor's office for a weight check this coming week, so we'll know for next week's entry.  My guess is that you are nearly 11 pounds.

Health:  You are still a healthy baby, and you are growing like a weed!

Sleep:  You've been sleeping four hours at each interval at night, which means Mommy and Daddy are only woken up once!  

Social:  This week, you met lots of Daddy's friends when we visited for one of his high school friends' wedding.  You were friendly to everyone, and even danced with Susy to some Brazilian music at the pool party!  

Diet:  Breastmilk and rice cereal.  You are currently drinking 5 ounces at each feeding, plus cereal for breakfast and in your nighttime bottle.  You think the cereal is delicious and can't wait for the next spoonful!

Likes:   Talking and interacting with people.  It's amazing to see your face just light up when you focus on Mommy or Daddy and realize who it is.  You smile so big and start talking baby jibberish like a pro.  

Dislikes:  None!

Milestones:  You had some big milestones this week from eating cereal to the first time to swimming for the first time.  You did great with all of the new things you experienced this last week.  

Cereal.  You ate real food for the very first time this week!  You've been such a hungry little monster, and you'd shown us many of the signs that you're ready to try solids like chewing on your hands (constantly), great neck control, and sitting with assistance.  We tried it and it was a success!  We made some rice cereal for you with breastmilk, so it was quite liquid and not very solid, but it's still food!  You absolutely loved it and got the hang of eating off of a spoon quickly.    

Swimming / Pool Party.  On Sunday, you went to your very first pool party!  It was an impromptu party, so Mommy and Daddy ran out to Target to get you swimming gear, which consisted of a swim diaper (which is adorable even though it was under your suit) and a swimsuit that resembles a wetsuit.  Add your floppy hat and some sunscreen, and you were all ready to go!  For the most part you enjoyed the water.  Mommy and Daddy were super excited when you started kicking like a real swimmer when we pulled you around the pool!  We even recorded it on video.  You were just the cutest swimmer ever!


Best Moments:  All of your milestones!  It's amazing to see you grow and develop each week.  Mommy and Daddy can't believe that you've changed so much already since you were born.



Missed a week?  Watch my Little Prez grow!

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