Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Baby Prez: 12 Weeks

Dear Baby Prez,

This week our family started moving into a new house.  It was a long week, but we love the new place.  Unlike the other house, this house is all on one level, so there's lots of room for you too run and play as you grow.

Weight:    12 pounds, 4 ounces is your official weight this week!  You're such a big boy!

Health:  The nurse at the pediatrician's office said that you your growth is on track for a baby your age.  

Sleep:  Your sleep patterns have remained remarkably consistent with sleeping in four hour intervals at night. 

Diet:  Your repertoire is growing.  This week Mommy and Daddy went to the farmer's market and got you an acorn squash.  We made Harvey baby food from it by cooking it and blending it with breastmilk.  You're still primarily drinking breastmilk -- usually about 6 ounces every 3 hours.

You have now tried: rice cereal, sweet potato, and acorn squash.  What will next week bring?

Homemade baby food

Homemade baby food

Likes:   Eating "real" food, chewing on your hands, smiling, interacting with people

Dislikes:  Waiting to be fed and waiting for the next bite of food

Milestones:  Some of your milestones this week were also family milestones.  A new house!  A new room!  Mommy and Daddy have to find a weekend this fall to paint your new room, but the room itself is just the right size for a little boy.  

First time eating acorn squash.  This week Mommy and Daddy went to the farmers' market after church to find a new food for you to try.  The winner was acorn squash, which we made into baby food for you.  We were not at all surprised that you loved it.  You seem to love eating anything we give you!  Hopefully it will be the same way when we are trying to convince you to try and eat your veggies when you get older!

Worst Moments:  Moving, which, of course, has nothing to do with you!

Best Moments:  You're becoming more entertaining every single day.  Mommy loves just hanging out with you!



Missed a week?  Watch my Little Prez grow!

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