Tuesday, April 16, 2013

30-Day Housecleaning Challenge Day 16 & Request for Advice

We just crossed the halfway mark for the 30-Day Housecleaning Challenge with Money Saving Mom!  So, I feel as if I should assess my overall progress thus far.  I've completed 10 days/tasks for the challenge.   I'm taking this out of 12 total since we are taking weekend breaks.  Today's task was to clean the bathrooms.  

I failed at today's task completely.

Yesterday I found out that I have been blessed out of some unfortunate circumstances for my end of semester school work.  Several of my classes have been cancelled, deadlines extended, and presentations cancelled/postponed.  All in all these are incredible blessings considering the general stress of semester end combined with being pregnant (and rarely being able to sleep) on top of it all. 

My husband finished one of his last papers for school today, so instead of working through the evening as I usually do, I decided to skip it all this evening.  In place of work was cuddle time with the hubby, while catching up on Dr. Who episodes.  Nothing fancy, but it was a perfect evening.  

Tomorrow it will be back to the grind, I will try to catch up on the housecleaning challenge.  

In other news, I have to put a call out for help from the blogosphere community.  My hubby's jeans tend to rip around the back pocket area.  Usually I use iron on denim patches to fix the issue, but I recently added a patch to a pair of jeans, and less than a week later, the patch has completely fallen off and the rip is now bigger than before.  

Any recommendations for mending or patching a rip around the back pocket area??  Does anyone know if the iron on patches 'expire'?  

Since I don't use them often, it had been sitting in a drawer for a year or so.  Advice would be much appreciated!  Thanks!


  1. What I find works is using the iron on patches and also hand sewing them on it seems to hold everything in place

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