Saturday, April 6, 2013

Deviating from the 30-Day Plan

Since we are taking a break for the weekend, but since I am still behind on the 30-Day Housecleaning Challenge, I deviated from the plan a bit today.  I should be done with Day 5, but I didn't even make it through Day 2.  Oops!

My cleaning today went a bit like this...

1) Woke up, washed dishes, and put away clean dishes from the dishwasher.

2) Organized my kitchen towel drawer that was overflowing and need some attention.  I added a few towels and washcloths to my rag box and *tada* I no longer have to fight with the drawer every time it gets opened.  


3) Super duper shopping break - *post to come later*

4) Bathroom surface cleaning: I have to say that I hate cleaning toilets.  Thankfully, I only had two to clean and the rest of the cleaning was just surface stuff!  I love living in a house that is over 100 years old because it's charming and has some great features, but I admit that I miss having a full size bathroom mirror and cabinet for the sink.  Those are on the list for the next house, which we will hopefully own after I'm totally done with grad school.  Anyways, surface cleaning in the bathroom for me means putting away random items, windexing the mirrors, wiping down any other surfaces, and spraying and wiping down the shower with a dry towel.  I read a Pinterest post awhile back (that I can't find now) about using a dry rag or paper towel to wipe down the shower when you do so relatively often and then going full force with scrub brushes and such less often.  


5) Vacuuming is a never ending chore at my house with three dogs (two shedding dogs).  They went to the dog park today and brought home plenty of dust and debris to add to the normal amount of hair they've shedded.  At this point, I'm considering having the either professionally de-shedded or professionally groomed (aka shaved down a bit).  But until then (or until Roomba wants me to test their product) I will be vacuuming at least once a day.  By the way, how do you get vacuuming done with an infant?  I also did a bit of surface cleaning in my laundry area, which essentially meant vacuuming all of the dust and lint that had adhered to the surfaces around, above, and on the washer and dryer.

I've been putting off surface cleaning in my bedroom because my husband and I have been getting the nursery ready and all of the excess furniture that we are either selling or waiting until the crib is painted to put back into the nursery has taken up residence in our master bedroom.  Things are moving along, but for now I've accepted that the bedroom will look like a storage room for a little bit longer.  Thankfully, the only other bedroom is our guest room, which I keep in "ready-to-use" condition in case we have family or friends come into town unexpectedly.  

Tomorrow, I have scheduled most of my day after church to work on my four term papers for this semester.  I plan to do some cleaning in the dining room and post some furniture on Craigslist so that I can eventually get to my bedroom floor.

Happy cleaning, friends!



  1. Vacuuming with an infant? Just do it. You'll thank yourself for their ability to sleep through the noise later. I could vacuum outside both babies' doors no problem. And one of them was such a light sleeper he would wake up for anything. It's just white noise to them.

  2. Tania,

    Thanks! I keep thinking that the vacuum would be way too loud if the baby's sleeping!

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