Monday, April 8, 2013

30-Day Housecleaning Challenge - Day 8

I'm still behind, but I decided this morning that instead of trying to catch up, I would be better off simply moving forward with the list.

With that said, today's task was cleaning the floors.  I vacuumed both upstairs and downstairs.  On our main floor we have almost all wood floors.  When we moved in, I thought that wood floors were charming and had great character.  And in all fairness, they are very appropriate in our 'historical' house.  What I didn't think about was dog hair and footprints.  I never knew that it was so easy to make footprints all over wood floors - it doesn't even require dirt or mud - even simply wet shoes or puppy paws will leave prints all over.  That's where the Swiffer comes in!  I love my Swiffer Wet Jet for wood floors, it works great and makes my floors shiny again.  Unfortunately, that doesn't last too long.  But for today, the floors are cleans!

My upstairs carpets are another story.  With puppies comes the inevitable puppy accidents, and we have certainly had our share of accidents.  When I think of cleaning the all of the floors in my house, I think of getting the carpet shampooer out and really cleaning the carpets.  Unfortunately the carpet cleaner is a bit heavy, and I shouldn't be carrying it up and down stairs right now.  My husband carried it up for me, so I plan to finish today's task tomorrow morning.  I'm also trying a new strategy with a few problem areas of the carpet this time.  My plan for a few odor-iffic areas is to use a mixture of white vinegar and water for the rinse bin instead of just hot water.  My research online has found that most people tend to suggest a vinegar method for dealing with dog odors in carpets.  

I'll report tomorrow evening on the effectiveness of the vinegar treatment.  Wish me luck!


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